At CC-EWC are open to receiving resumes from outstanding, competent, self-motivated candidates.

If you are you are a construction claims consultant, an expert witness, a delay analyst, have a quantum, planning or legal background with the correct passion and attitude we are interested to hearing from you!

At CC-EWC we are interested in hiring dedicated and hard-working consultants who possess that finesse skill and level of detail towards matters in their field of expertise. Please do forward your CV to:

Construction Claims and Expert Witness Consultants

CC-EWC is a newly established Construction Claims, Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness consultation company that offers industry-experienced experts across various construction sectors. CC-EWC has been formed in the UAE by Andy Murray who has been in the region since 2008 and has represented Clients through various Consultancies and Local Government projects in matters of delay and cost... Read More..

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